Successful testing of hot melt adhesive

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Last week, a successful test was carried out of a hot melt adhesive specially designed for gluing corrugated boxes into which products are packed at high temperatures.

This situation is usually faced by enterprises engaged in the production of ceramic tiles. Often such products enter the corrugated box at a temperature of 90-110 ° C.

As a result, the product heats up the corrugated box. Conventional adhesives melts for corrugated boxes do not withstand such heating and the result will be open corrugated boxes. Even if you use hot melt adhesives with a high softening point, this does not solve the problem, but only reduces it. As a result, not all mailboxes will open.

The correct solution to this problem is to use a special hot melt glue, whose composition will not allow the temperature to affect the adhesive properties and will not allow the corrugated box to open.

Today the company “NOVA” has a solution to this problem. Hot melt glue for high temperature bonding can be found in the product section.